Shaquille O’Neal Will Cover The Funeral Expenses Of A 7-Year-Old Shooting Victim

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Shaquille O’Neal is the latest athlete to show his support for the family of Jazmine Barnes. A 7-year old girl, Barnes was killed in a drive-by shooting at 7 a.m. in the Houston area while in the car with her mother. Her mother also suffered injuries in the incident but survived the shooting.

O’Neal was apparently moved by the tragedy and will reportedly pay for the funeral expenses of Barnes. CNN reported that the former NBA star, and current TNT analyst, brought a check to the family last week. He was also seen in a tweet posing for a picture with Houston police officer Kenneth Miles.

O’Neal isn’t the only athlete to show his support for Barnes family. Houston Texans star wide receiver, DeAndre Hopkins, gave pledged to give his entire playoff check to the Barnes family. He tweeted out his support of Barnes family and related to it with seeing his own daughter.

According to CNN, Hopkins made $29,000 for the Texans game against the Colts on Saturday. All that money will go to Barnes family for funeral expenses, hospital bills, and anything else the family needs as they deal with the tragic loss of a child. Hopkins won’t have a chance to donate another game check, however, as the Texans lost to the Colts 21-7 on Saturday, ending their playoff run.