All The Dirty Shaq Jokes You May Have Missed From The Bieber Roast

The jokes came fast and furious at the Justin Bieber roast on Monday night, and a lot of the dirty ones were directed at former NBA big man Shaquille O’Neal. Which one was your favorite?

Pete Davidson:

“It’s an honor to be at a roast hosted by Shaq’s dick.”
“Shaq has shattered eight backboards and 79 cervixes.”
“Let’s hear it for Shaq. Thanks for being here and taking a break from throwing barrels at Super Mario.”

Natasha Leggero:

“Shaq’s dick is so big, he has to use Dropbox to send a dick pic.”

Jeff Ross:

“Shaq’s dick is so big, he uses it as a seflie stick.”
“Shaq was the original 2 Chainz ’cause that’s how he was brought into this country.”

This isn’t a joke, but look at the size difference between Shaq and Natasha Leggero.


Speaking of Natasha Leggero, this joke about Shaq’s feet and her vagina was WHOA.

Finally, one Comedy Central comedian who wasn’t at the roast weighed in with a Shaq joke on Twitter.