Shaq Trolled Ernie Johnson About Georgia Losing To Alabama In A Freestyle Over ‘The Next Episode’

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Georgia fans weren’t exactly in the best of moods on Monday night, as their beloved Bulldogs lost the College Football Playoff National Championship game to Alabama in heartbreaking fashion. This meant that the Inside the NBA crew was almost certainly going to bust the chops of noted Georgia graduate Ernie Johnson when the time was right.

The opportunity popped up thanks to the house band that performed because the show was broadcasting live from Las Vegas prior to Thursday’s game between Cleveland and Toronto. The band started playing their rendition of “The Next Episode” by Dr. Dre, which eventually led to a Shaq freestyle.

The whole thing was a little choppy, especially when Shaq said that Charles Barkley needs a treadmill and never followed that up with anything. But the Hall of Fame big man mentioned the Florida Gators, which led to him shouting out the Crimson Tide and catching fire at Johnson’s expense.

“Shout out to the Florida Gators,” Shaq rapped before the lightbulb went off in his head. “And the Crimson Tide. You thought you was gonna win, I told you you lied. Y’all was up by six, you was celebratin’ I told you not to do this.”

That’s just a sample of the most fire bar Shaq has dropped that didn’t involve ripping Kobe Bryant, even if he was incorrect about Alabama winning back-to-back championships. Still, everyone seemed to enjoy it … well, everyone other than the Georgia fan on set.