Shaq On Why He Paid For Someone’s Engagement Ring: ‘I’m Into Making People Happy’

Shaquille O’Neal is known for his acts of charity. Every now and then, a story pops up about the Hall of Fame center coming across someone and opening up his wallet to give them a hand.

The latest example of this hit the internet on Tuesday, when a video popped up that showed Shaq running into someone at a jewelry store and paying off the balance that they had on an engagement ring they purchased. Shaq handed the young man his credit card, patted him on the shoulder, and gave him the all clear to pay his bill.

A few hours later, this moment was brought up during TNT’s Tuesday night NBA broadcast, which led to Shaq explaining that he likes using the platform he’s been given to lend folks a hand, bringing up a second example of this that occurred recently at a furniture store.

“This is something that I do every day,” Shaq said. “The other day, me and my wife went furniture shopping, and this lady, she had an autistic daughter, and she was also looking to pay for some furniture. I just took care of her. I’m into making people happy, so whenever I leave the house, I just try to do a good deed.”