Shaq Went Ahead And Surprised That Dunking Cop With A Pick-Up Basketball Game

Earlier in the week we shared a video of a 911 call for a loud basketball game in the middle of the street. The police make an appearance and instead of busting up the game, the officer joins in and lays down a monster dunk. It’s a nice video that gives a little view of police incidents that don’t end in tragedy.

That’s likely why Shaq took a moment to visit the Gainesville Police Department and surprised the officer involved with some basketball skill. According to TMZ, they all returned to the spot of the initial 911 call and ended up creating a special moment:

Shaq arrived at the Gainesville Police Department Saturday and headed out to the same spot Officer Bobby White responded to a call last week which ended in a game of pick-up ball with local kids. It’s pretty awesome, you can tell how pumped both the kids and the officers are to play with the big man.

Lucky for everyone involved, Shaq was more of a facilitator during the game, dishing out passes instead of dunks.

Shaq clearly doesn’t move as smooth as he used to, meaning he likely shouldn’t be calling out Charles Barkley the way he sometimes does on Inside the NBA. Shaq might’ve been able to handle inter-dimensional martial arts warriors, but Sir Charles has taken on Godzilla.

(TMZ Sports)