Shaq Didn’t Believe It When Jimmy Kimmel Revealed His Surprise Lakers Statue

Jimmy Kimmel is quite the prankster. The late night host has made the practical joke a big part of his ongoing oeuvre, so it wasn’t very astonishing when Shaquille O’Neal was a little hesitant to stand up and celebrate after he got a special surprise on Wednesday night’s show.

You see, Jimmy showed the big fella the statue the Lakers will construct outside the Staples Center for their three-time Finals MVP. Shaq just didn’t believe him.

“Seriously,” he kept asking the late night host.

Eventually, as Shaq continued to show his disbelief, Kimmel told him, “Listen, I’m stupid, but I’m not that stupid.”

This all came after Kimmel started off asking Shaq about his impending Hall of Fame selection (Shaq’s now available to be inducted in next year’s class). Shaq said he’d have Dr. J, Julius Erving, another Earvin, Magic Johnson, and his coach at LSU, Dale Brown, present him in Springfield if he’s voted in. (He’ll get selected on the first ballot because he’s freakin’ Shaq.)

No word on what Brown might think after Shaq dropped a bomb about his alma mater earlier in the week, though.

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