Shaq Threw Down This Monster Two Hand Dunk After Charles Barkley Called Him Out

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Charles Barkley didn’t think that Shaq could knock down a two handed dunk in his advanced age. It isn’t like the big man has been out of the league for too long, but he’s certainly far from his playing days. And knowing Barkley, he can’t refuse a little action. So he laid down a wager with O’Neal: Hit the dunk and he’ll go ice skating in Toronto.

As you can see above, Shaq had no issue hitting the dunk and Barkley likely had some instant regrets for his little bet. Now we get a chance to see if he can ice skate without falling flat on his butt.

Shaq is far from breaking backboards, but he had no trouble getting some height. It’s a nice reminder of what he used to be able to achieve on the court, though. Especially in those college days.

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