Shaq Took Video Of The Poor Woman That Gave His Nasty Feet Their First Pedicure

05.31.17 11 months ago


During the Eastern Conference Finals we were all forced to watch mostly non-competitive basketball and were also subjected to the horror that is Shaquille O’Neal’s bare feet. The feet part were significantly worse than the basketball, which says a little something, as he grossed out the entire viewing audience by flaunting his disgusting toes to us all at halftime.

The rest of the Inside The NBA crew and the basketball world watching all had plenty of jokes about Shaq’s ugly feet and on Wednesday, the Hall of Famer decided to do something about it and went and got a pedicure and was kind enough to take plenty of videos of the experience. In a 40 Year Old Virgin type moment, the poor woman working on Shaq’s gigantic, disgusting feet had to break out the heavy equipment to try and get them in order.

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