A Pants-less Shaq Ripped Off His Jacket And Celebrated Not Having To Do TV Anymore This Season

Listen, it’s been a long year-plus for all of us, ok? Now more than ever, any little thing that happens that brings people joy is worth celebrating, even if that someone is Shaquille O’Neal, and that thing worth celebrating is you don’t have to do your job again this season.

Shaq appeared on NBATV in the early hours of Friday morning to discuss the Phoenix Suns’ Game 2 win over the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA Finals. Whatever Shaq, Kenny Smith, and anyone else might have said is secondary (at least in the context of this post) because Shaq got really happy over the fact that his time doing TV this NBA season came to an end.

How happy did he get? Well, The Big Aristotle/Diesel/etc. stood up — this was how we learned he, like so many other folks, does video calls without pants on — ripped off his jacket, and swung it around over his head, all while Kenny the Jet watched and laughed.

This is, by a factor of about a million, the happiest that I have ever seen Shaq in my entire life. And as an aside, shout out Kenny for deciding to get in on the fun by ripping off his jacket and spinning it around, although he decided to stay seated as he celebrated Shaq’s big day.