Shaq Ruffled A Few Feathers When He Paid Off His Super Bowl Bet

Getty Image

It’s been four days now since the Philadelphia Eagles stunned in the New England Patriots to win Super Bowl LII, but the ripple effects are still being felt around the world.

The City of Brotherly Love was miraculously still standing when the smoke from the festivities finally cleared, but for Eagles fans, the celebration continues as they keep sticking it to Patriots supporters everywhere, many of whom are in the process of paying off the friendly wagers they made.

Count Shaquille O’Neal among those whose ill-fated bets have come back to haunt them this week. In a video posted to this Instagram account, Shaq can be seen dressed as the world’s largest flightless bird running around an office flapping his makeshift vestigial wings and molting all over the place.

This is precisely the type of gambling debt we can get behind. We already know Charles Barkley likes to gamble as well, so we’d love to see the Inside the NBA crew have some sort of weekly wager that requires the loser to dress up in oversize animal costumes and perform some sort of absurd task to pay off their debts. It would only add to what is an already stellar broadcast.