Shaq Took A Handoff From Tim Tebow And Truck-Sticked The Hell Out Of Charles Barkley

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01.04.18 3 Comments

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The Inside The NBA crew has had college football fever this year. While Ernie Johnson is caught up in it the most — he’s a graduate of the University of Georgia and his Bulldogs will compete for a national title on Monday — the entire cast of characters has had fun with the sport this season.

That was especially true on Thursday night during halftime of the Western Conference showdown between the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets. Former Florida quarterback Tim Tebow was on set, and two members of the crew decided to play a little football.

What happened next involved Shaquille O’Neal running into Charles Barkley, who tried to tackle him, but failed because Shaq is one of the biggest people on earth. Instead, Shaq busted out the truck stick and hurt Barkley’s shoulder.

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