The Sons Of Shaq And Jason Williams Really Showcased Their Skills While Playing Pick-Up

It really is unsurprisingly awesome to be the son of a famous professional basketball player. According to Home Team Hoops, the above video was captured at the private basketball court at Shaquille O’Neal’s house, where his two sons Shaqir and Shareef must ball out every day. Shareef is already a rim-rattler, and Shaqir has some devastating handle. And look who showed up this time: It’s Jaxon Williams, baller son of White Chocolate himself, Jason Williams.

Those kids look like they spend every day working on those moves, and as they age, we’ll of course feel the need to check on what universities they will attend and ignore class at for a year or two before following their dads’ footsteps. One thing about the video nags us, however.

The NBA progenies look to be having a grand old time showing off for each other and the cameras, but although press was banned from the full-contact portion of the session, not one of them seems to be remotely interested in defense. I know Jaxon’s got moves, Shaqir, but try shuffling your feet instead of lamely grabbing at jerseys as you get blown by. And don’t give me the “they’re just kids” defense, either. You don’t look as good as they do on offense without putting in some time, which is what they could still be doing to be lockdown defenders.

Jaxon, you … just keep doing what you’re doing.