Shaq Was The Only One Large Enough To Help Yao Ming Slip Into His Hall-Of-Fame Jacket

NBA players are, by and large, utterly gigantic people. That’s why we can look at somebody like the 6-foot-3 Steph Curry and think of him as being “small.” This year’s Basketball Hall of Fame class had one notable player on the smaller side in Allen Iverson. However, there are also two of the biggest men to ever walk the earth – let alone play the game – being enshrined in Springfield. Those guys would be Shaquille O’Neal and Yao Ming, and Shaq went as far as to help Yao put on his Hall of Fame jacket.

Shaq, who’s Hall of Fame jacket could be used as a blanket by most people, was already on the stage when Yao was brought on stage to be given his own jacket. Given that Yao was always listed as being 7-foot-6, helping him get a jacket on is not a job for your average man. Fortunately, Shaq was around, and he’s never been one to shy away from being the center of attention. He stepped up and helped Yao put his jacket on, and two great big men shared a nice moment on the stage.

The Basketball Hall of Fame ceremony: The best place to go if you want to see living Goliaths help each other put on a jacket.