Shaquille O’Neal Cracks Jokes About Charles Barkley’s Weight On ‘Fresh Off The Boat’

If you’ve ever watched TNT’s Inside The NBA, you know that Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley can never resist a good verbal sparring match. Shaq will make a crack about Chuck’s weight, only for Barkley to fire back with a smart retort of his own. It can sometimes interrupt the flow of the show, but usually it’s just a good bit of fun. But the fun also doesn’t stop once they leave the studio. Recently, Shaq appeared on ABC’s Fresh Off The Boat and, wouldn’t you know it, found the time to make a joke about Barkley being fat.

That’s not all Shaq joked about, though. While Shaq’s quips normally come at the expense of other people, he delivered a few lines poking fun at himself, from the disastrous “Shaq Fu” to the incredible amount of endorsement deals he has (although, as far as brand names are concerned, “Shaquila” is admittedly at least worth a chuckle).

As far as the actual acting is concerned, well, Shaq won’t be earning an Emmy any time soon, but it’s certainly better than, say, Steel or Kazaam (yes, that movie actually happened, it wasn’t just a nightmare).