Shawn Kemp Hosted A Party In Seattle To Celebrate The Thunder Missing The Playoffs

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When it comes to Seattle vs. Oklahoma City, pettiness knows no bounds. Seattle is, of course, still upset about OKC poaching its beloved SuperSonics and rebranding them as the Thunder. They’ve watched in horror over the past seven years as the Thunder soared to new heights on the backs of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.

But this Wednesday was a chance for a celebration as the Thunder missed the playoffs for just the second time since leaving Seattle. And for this particular party, Shawn Kemp was tabbed as host. Yup, the ‘Reign Man’ showed up at some club called Neumos in Seattle and hosted the celebration of the Thunder being bumped out of the playoffs.

Kemp, of course, has a bankruptcy behind him and was likely paid a fee for his appearance. He was joined by DJ Clinton Sparks and a local rapper named Neema, who posted pictures of the event on his Twitter account.

Kemp is a Seattle legend for his monstrous dunks with the Sonics back in his heyday, but what he did last night may endear him with the people of the The Emerald City even more.

(Via SB Nation)