Watch As Two Sixers Fans Got Engaged At An NBA Draft Lottery Party

05.16.17 2 years ago

The Philadelphia 76ers have built an incredible loyal fan base simply from a willingness to “trust the process” throughout a lengthy rebuilding effort. Despite the fact that he is now out of a job, former GM Sam Hinkie is a cult hero to a portion of the fan base and, in truth, his efforts are looking to be quite wise with the development of Joel Embiid and the bright future that also includes Ben Simmons.

To that end, there is enough excitement for fans of the Sixers that the Rights To Ricky Sanchez podcast hosts a massive party to celebrate the NBA Draft Lottery. This has become a tradition in recent years and, in 2017, the audio program put in a twist that awarded a $7,500 engagement ring to the winner of a contest. In order to win, contestants had to submit a form and also agree to present the engagement ring in the form of a proposal live in front of the sizable audience.

With more than an hour before the ping-pong balls were drawn, a winner seemingly emerged.

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