Sixers Fans Are Already Trying To Lure LeBron To Philadelphia With Billboards In Cleveland

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The Sixers are one of the teams that appear to be on the list of squads hoping to make a push for LeBron James if he hits free agency this summer. It would be a massive win for Philadelphia if this happens, as James would join its talented duo of Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons and make the Sixers arguably the favorite to win the conference going forward.

As for whether James would choose the Sixers is another story. Sure, he is a vocal fan of Simmons (with whom he shares an agent) and has been getting “recruited” by Simmons recently and Embiid for a long time, but there hasn’t been much beyond that.

So thanks to a home remodeling company in the greater-Philadelphia area, a big push is on. Power Home Remodeling bought a trio of billboards in Cleveland that get a message across to James: Come to the Sixers because you can “complete the process.”

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