Oklahoma Public Schools Roasted Skip Bayless’ Thunder Dig In Hilarious Fashion

05.13.16 3 years ago
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Skip Bayless is the foremost leader in the field of hot takes and incorrect opinions. There’s nothing quite as enjoyable as seeing an old tweet of his appear in your timeline that features him saying Cam Newton will be bad or Tim Tebow will be great.

But that’s 20/20 hindsight stuff.

The Oklahoma City public school system, however, chose to stick it to Bayless with a proactive approach.

There’s a lot to unpack here for just two tweets.

One, how does that original tweet have 2,000 retweets? It’s not good and, as far as Bayless takes go, it’s barely lukewarm. It doesn’t even have a pun, like, “There will be no reason for Thunder claps against the Warriors.” Now that’s a good tweet.

Second, that’s not really a great burn. It’s funny because some Oklahoma City school administrator or teacher saw the Bayless tweet and thought, “Time to own this clown.” And they didn’t do it from their personal Twitter. Also, cc’ing someone’s employer is dirty pool.

Finally, if you were an educational body responsible for the shaping of Bayless’ mind, do you really want to remind people of that? I assumed he was created in a Bristol pod, but now that I know his existence is the fault Oklahoma City, how are you not rooting for the Warriors?

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