LaVar Ball Tells ‘SNL’ Why Lithuania Is The Perfect Place For His Sons To Prepare For The NBA

LaVar Ball once again returned to “Weekend Update” to promote and praise his own genius when crafting the Big Baller Brand and his big baller sons. The real LaVar has been busy criticizing Charles Barkley, Luke Walton, and anybody that seems to disagree with his presence, giving the fake one plenty to work with on this latest SNL segment.

The main topic this time around is Lithuania and how the elder Ball has taken his two sons, LiAngelo and LaMelo, out of school to play in the Lithuanian Basketball League. It might seem like a silly move when you want your children to prepped and ready for the NBA, but LaVar tells Michael Che that Lithuania is the perfect place to get seasoned for professional play. There are no dunks, plenty of fundamentals, and vitamin deficiencies all around, with no large crowds to distract from the play on the court.

Never lost!

LaVar is also not about to listen to any criticism about Big Baller Brand. Despite some complaints from customers and an F grade by the Better Business Bureau, Ball is not slowing down and is ready to release his own line of “Beets By LaVar.” They’re not headphones, they’re just beets from the ground — Dwight Schrute approved and ready to make your dookie redder than Santa Claus.

It will be a shame when LaVar Ball finally fades out of the limelight or is muzzled by the NBA. Kenan Thompson has made this impression something great without even really needing to try.

(Via SNL)

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