So Close: 7 Trades That Almost Went Down Before The Deadline

Another year, another NBA Trade Deadline gone by. As you probably would expect, the Dime office was Ground Zero today for anything and everything trade related. Whether it was Twitter, texts or phone calls, we were constantly on our toes looking for the most up-to-date info to relay to you, our readers. With players’ names being thrown around more than the gut of Chris Farley in a Matt Foley motivational speaker skit, it was difficult forecasting what gossip would end up reality. On the wake of the recently kyboshed Mayo/McRoberts deal, it brought my attention to the other rumored deals that were circulating, but for one reason or another didn’t quite come to fruition. Here they are:

1. Josh McRoberts (Indiana) and a first-round pick for O.J. Mayo (Memphis)

2. Shane Battier (Houston) for Jason Kapono and Marreese Speights (Phaldelphia)

3. Shane Battier and Aaron Brooks (Houston) for Marcus Camby (Portland)

4. Aaron Brooks (Houston) for Jonny Flynn (Minnesota)

5. Troy Murphy and Andris Biedrins (Golden State) for Antawn Jamison (Cleveland)

6. Zach Randolph (Memphis) for Jason Richardson and Brandon Bass (Orlando)

7. Courtney Lee (Houston) for Omer Asik (Chicago)

Which trades do you like? What deals would you have made?

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