We Know The Exact Date Michael Jordan Beat The Monstars In ‘Space Jam’

Nearly a year ago someone figured out an important piece of basketball history that far too many of us have long since ignored. Thanks to the magic of the Internet — namely Reddit — that historical date is getting a bit more attention.

Social media was buzzing on Monday about something ESPN’s SportsCenter account posted to Facebook last November that incorrectly gave the wrong date of the infamous Monstars/Tune Squad game from the 1996 feature film Space Jam.

The film, which of course is a groundbreaking documentary about Michael Jordan’s retirement from basketball and his subsequent kidnapping by Looney Toons animations, featured a 1-point win by Jordan, Bugs Bunny and company over a group of aliens who stole their basketball abilities from many of the game’s greats in the 1990s. SportsCenter‘s Facebook account posted about the dramatic victory on the date it thought was the two-decade anniversary of the remarkable event.


“On this date 20 years ago, the Monsters blew a 66-18 halftime lead to Michael Jordan and the Tune Squad,” the photo read with an image from the movie in the background.

The SportsCenter post is entire tongue-in-cheek, referencing the movie’s original release date of Nov. 15, 1996. Many played along with the joke, arguing about the Warriors and Bulls and making jokes about Daffy Duck’s lack of productivity out of the four.

But one Facebook commenter, hidden among the thousands of responses, corrected the post with the actual date. Reddit has the whole post, which is quite long, but does offer a compelling answer.

“This isn’t even close to accurate,” the comment began. “The “Ultimate Game” actually took place on March 5, 1995. We know this from a couple of different clues throughout the movie.”