Nets Star Spencer Dinwiddie Wants To Build A Real Life ‘Iron Man’ Suit When He Retires

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Spencer Dinwiddie is just 25 years old and in only his fifth season in the NBA, but the Brooklyn Nets guard already has big, Marvel-esque plans for when he eventually retires.

In a conversation with Alex Kennedy of HoopsHype, Dinwiddie revealed that he wants to build his very own “Iron Man” suit, a project that would require Dinwiddie to enroll in a handful of engineering classes and put together an “engineering team” that would be able to go full Tony Stark. Dinwiddie estimates that said project would cost upwards of $100 million, a figure he doesn’t quite have yet, (he just signed a 3-year, $34 million contract extension with the Nets in December).

Still, Dinwiddie figures to have the necessary funds by the time he’s done playing, and then it’s all hands on deck.

“I just want to build it to be able to fly around and do some of those type of things. But not in the hoverboard sense,” Dinwiddie said. “I would like to really be able to fly and have my own suit.”

Dinwiddie said he wouldn’t be adding weapons to the suit, a la the actual Iron Man suit, but if the apocalypse came, well, that’s a different story.

“I don’t think I’d be adding guns and things, because I’m not trying to take down people or scare the masses or anything like that,” Dinwiddie said. “I don’t want them to think I’m going to try and take over a bank or something like that. Now, if some apocalyptic thing happens, then let’s go ahead and weaponize this baby.”

Be on the lookout for Dinwiddie zooming high above your community circa 2035.

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