Spike Lee Went Off On James Dolan After Knicks Security Told Him He Used The Wrong Entrance

Spike Lee has been a fixture at Knicks games for nearly three decades, and Monday night, the Knicks rather stunning win over the Rockets was no exception. Lee was in his courtside seat, watching as R.J. Barrett had the best game of his rookie campaign in a win over the red-hot Rockets, but that almost wasn’t the case.

Video of an incident involving Lee and Madison Square Garden security emerged early in the game, with Lee yelling that they’ll have to arrest him like Charles Oakley.

The Knicks insisted it was simply a misunderstanding regarding which entrance Lee was supposed to use, as he came in the employee entrance, but given Lee’s tenure and stature as a fan, that never fully tracked. Unsurprisingly, that was not the end of the story as Lee joined ESPN’s First Take on Tuesday morning to air it all out about what happened and why he believes he is being “harrassed” by Knicks owner James Dolan.

That Lee would use “the wrong entrance” always seemed questionable because, as he says, he’s been coming into the Garden at that same entrance for 28 years and they scan his ticket and there are no issues. He also seems to be most upset at the “Garden spin” that he and Dolan shook hands and that everything was good after they spoke at halftime, which he is adamant is not how things went down.

Whatever is happening, this is surely not the fight Dolan, the Knicks, and MSG want to pick, given Lee is by far their most famous and loyal fan — that he wore Knicks gear to yell at Dolan on national television only further proves this. We’ll see how the Knicks respond — almost assuredly in a tweet that will come hours later and only stoke the fires of this controversy — but you’d be hard-pressed to find too many Knicks fans that will not be taking Spike’s side in this issue.

UPDATE: Here is said tweet that includes a photo of the two shaking hands (!!!).