The Spurs And Clippers Are Reportedly Discussing An Avery Bradley-Danny Green Swap

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Avery Bradley was part of this year’s biggest blockbuster trade, going from Detroit to Los Angeles as part of the Pistons’ package to land Blake Griffin.

Bradley is on an expiring contract and after inking Lou Williams to an extension, it appears the Clippers aren’t thinking he’s part of their long-term plans and are looking to move him before this afternoon’s trade deadline. L.A. is apparently hopeful they can land another first round pick for Bradley, which seems like a steep price considering his productivity this season, but there still is interest in the former Celtic from contenders.

According to Marc Stein of the New York Times, the Spurs are at the top of the list of teams interested in Bradley’s services. San Antonio had been rumored to be involved in talks with Detroit for Bradley, and now has apparently continued that with the Clippers. Danny Green is at the center of discussions, but things are currently stuck due to the Clippers request of the first-round pick.

The Spurs, understandably, don’t want to send a first round pick for Bradley, especially considering Green and Bradley, for what they’ve done this season, have pretty comparable value. If the Clippers manage to get the Spurs to blink and give them a first, even if it is a late first, it would be a major coup for L.A. in their continued efforts towards a rebuild.