Why Every NBA Fan Should Fall In Love With The ‘Dab Kid’ At Spurs Games

When you see something good while attending a basketball game, you probably clap. You might cheer. You may scream if the moment calls for it.

You could jump up and down. You could grab your friend. You could high-five the random person sitting behind you, considering a sporting event is the only venue in which it’s socially acceptably to high-five someone before ever actually exchanging a word with him or her.

What you probably wouldn’t do is immediately start dabbing. That is, unless you’re this kid in San Antonio. And boy does he dab.

Dabbing is all he knows. Dabbing is all he’ll do, and Spurs blog 48 Minutes of Hell broke it down for us.

Martin Lawrence would be proud, as would Cam Newton.

Keep on dabbing, young fella. (Or maybe he just sneezes a lot. It’s impossible to tell.)

(48 Minutes of Hell)