How The ‘Spurs Jesus’ Superfan Thwarted A Home Invasion Robbery

07.30.15 4 years ago
San Antonio Spurs Jesus Fan


Perhaps you’ve seen “Spurs Jesus” at San Antonio Spurs games. His real name is Cordero Maldonado, according to the San Antonio Express-News (paywall), and he recently stymied a would-be robber in his San Antonio home.

Spurs Jesus posted about the incident on his Facebook page, and after running him off his property he chased him down to the San Antonio Riverwalk, we’re not joking, and kept him preoccupied until police arrived.

ALERT!! So yesterday I was at my house washing my garb and all of a sudden I hear a strange noise, sure enough there’s a guy trying to break in through my window. I ran outside and chased him down the San Antonio Riverwalk.. Caught the fellow and slammed him to the dirt and restrained him until the boys from the San Antonio Police Department took him off of my hands. Big shout out and thanks to Rio Fit, LLC for keeping me strong and fast so I could catch that little punk! So sleep easy Southtown San Antonio & King William, there’s a few less thieves on the streets! And just an FYI to anyone else out there who wants to try me… Don’t think about it, I workout… A lot.. And nobody f_ _ _ s with the Spurs Jesus!

Pretty sure that last line is a reference to The Big Lebowski character.

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