Spurs’ Manu Ginobili & Tony Parker Adorably Prank Tim Duncan

The Spurs — even after their agonizing loss in last season’s NBA Finals — are sitting atop the league standings with Indiana at 12-1 to start the season. Last night, they beat the Cavs by 30 points and they dominated a whole lot more than even that lopsided score would indicate. That left plenty of time for Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker to prank Tim Duncan as he was getting subbed out of the game.

Look at how excited Parker gets before the prank comes to fruition. His glee is evident even as he uses a towel to cover his laughter. That being said, the prank is pretty juvenile; except, Duncan’s surprised expression after he was duped by his aging teammates, combined with how much fun Parker and Manu are having, makes the whole thing amazing. How can you not love the Spurs?

[vid via Roger Garza; h/t HardwoodParoxysm]

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