Stan Van Gundy Goes To Bat for Patrick Ewing

03.24.09 10 years ago 15 Comments

Patrick Ewing has made it perfectly clear that he wants to be a head coach. His contract with the Magic expires at the end of this season, and he wants a shot at the big-time. And Stan Van Gundy believes that his former team owes him that shot.

Van Gundy went to bat for his assistant, whom he thinks gets the love he deserves from the fans, but not from the Knicks organization.

“With Patrick, the one thing I’ve said, and I’m not trying to tell them their business,” Van Gundy said. “They honor the guy every year. They honor him, but while they have a lot of ex-players in the organization, they’ve never moved to try to hire him.

“He was not only the face of the franchise, he was their best player, the hardest worker and gave them a chance to be great. But when it’s time to put up or shut up, they do nothing, and it’s been amazing and our good fortune in Orlando.

“It’s sort of back and forth,” he added. “The fans certainly love him. The organization, the guy can’t get an interview. The organization sort of pretends to appreciate him.”

Last night was Legend Night at MSG, presumably scheduled against the Magic because it would fit into Patrick’s schedule. That’s their responsibility – to celebrate his career in a Knicks jersey. But they have no obligation to bring him back in as a coach because he was one of the greatest players in the organization’s history. I understand Van Gundy wanting to get his guy a prime job, but what does he think can come of those comments? Is Donnie Walsh going to can Mike D’Antoni and turn the reigns over to Ewing? Come on, Stan.

Source: Real GM

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