Steph Curry Shattered A Glass Table In His Hotel Room Practicing His Golf Swing

03.01.18 1 year ago

Getty Image

Steph Curry isn’t much of a partier and doesn’t seem like an especially rowdy guy, so of all the professional athletes or celebrities that roll through a nice hotel, he’s probably way down the list of those an establishment would expect to destroy some furniture.

What isn’t accounted for is that Curry is an avid golfer (I would say amateur golfer but he did play in a Tour event recently) and one thing that all golfers can’t help but do is swing a club in their down time. Every golfer has done it, they’ve had their clubs nearby and decided there’s enough room to take some cuts and work on their swing indoors.

Unfortunately for Curry on Thursday, he miscalculated the distance between him and a glass tabletop and while swinging away he shattered the table and posted a picture of the resulting damage to Instagram.

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