Starz Releases Trailer For LeBron-Produced Comedy “Survivor’s Remorse”

Recently Starz released a trailer for “Survivor’s Remorse,” an original comedy produced by LeBron James. The six-episode arc follows protagonist Cam Calloway, who just signed a multi-million dollar contract to play professional basketball in Atlanta.


Cam — played by Jessie T. Usher — must navigate the ups and downs that come with a sudden influx of money: people coming out of the woodwork saying they’re owed some loot, beef between friends, the glare of the spotlight and a lot more. Calloway is in his early 20’s and his cousin and confidante, Reggie Vaughn — played by RonReaco Lee — helps prop up the young man with so many people relying on him and just as many ways to lose all that he’s earned.

You can obviously see the parallels with James and a coterie of NBA stars who are going through the same things as the fictional Cam.

Family members are of particular concern, and Vaughn tries to keep Cam on the strait and narrow, even as they continue to stay true to the rough neighborhood where both grew up.

Are you going to watch?

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