Which NBA Shooting Record Will Steph Curry Break Next?

Stephen Curry
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Steph Curry, as is his wont, broke yet another 3-point record against the Orlando Magic, making it 128 consecutive games in which he’s connected from deep. Now that that record’s behind him, it’s time to ask which 3-point-related record Curry will break next.

Last season, Curry broke his own single-season record for most threes in a season by sinking 286 3-pointers, 14 more than what he made when he first held the record after the 2012-13 season. This year, Curry isn’t just on pace to break that record again, he’ll likely shatter it. With 25 games still remaining, Curry’s already made 276 threes, and given that he attempts 10 threes per game, he’ll pass 300 in no time.

Speaking of attempts, that’s another record Curry will probably break.

stephen curry
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George McCloud currently holds that record for the 678 threes he attempted with the Dallas Mavericks in 1995-96. Right now, Curry’s sitting at 599. For almost any other player, 80 threes with 25 games remaining would seem insurmountable. But this is Steph, who, again, averages 10 attempts per game. There’s no reason to think he slows that pace down, especially since he attempted more than 100 threes last March.

On a related note, it probably won’t be long before he breaks the single-game record for most threes. The world’s best shooter has splashed double-digit treys on two difference occasions this month alone. It’s only a matter of time, right?

The one 3-point record Curry won’t break, though, and we’re not sure he ever will, is field-goal percentage. While his 46 percent from downtown is indeed impressive, especially for his volume, the single-season record is a stunning 53.6 percent, held by Kyle Korver. Then again, this is Steph Curry, for whom nothing seems impossible, so he might just break that the next season.

(All data courtesy of Basketball-Reference)