See Steph Curry Somehow Dunk The Ball Twice On The Same Jump

The NBA is back, sorta. Media Day was Monday (and Friday), and now teams have officially started training camp. This also means reporters got some unfettered access to players who just spent the last few months on a beach holding drinks with little umbrellas in them. That’s a roundabout way of saying they’re relaxed, which can lead to a lot of fun interactions.

But players are back, too, which means actual basketball and not fabricated beefs, free-agency courtships, rumors of rumors about free agency next summer, and whatever other offseason effluvia you’ve seen percolate to the top of this here web log.

But basketball is back, which means we get to watch last season’s MVP try and capture a second-straight NBA title and perhaps his first Finals MVP. But Stephen Curry was still in summer mode it seems. At Golden State’s practice facility, he threw down a two-handed dunk during practice.

Yes, he can dunk.

But after it dropped through, he hung on the rim, collected it with his off hand, and dunked it again. That’s more difficult to do than it might first sound.

Despite the ease with which Steph performs this seemingly banal basketball move, let’s just beat the annoyed commenters to the punch. “Oh big deal, an NBA player dunked a basketball. That’s SOOO impressive. Why doesn’t DIME get off Steph’s d*ck.”

Because it was impressive, and people like watching someone near their size, do amazing things with a basketball.

(H/T That NBA Lottery Pick)

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