Steph Curry Appears To Blame His Hand After Almost Missing This Breakaway Jam

12.17.15 4 years ago

Steph Curry is solid at the whole basketball thing. At 6’3, he’s around the average height for an NBA point guard, but that’s probably the only thing average about the 2015 MVP. He’s the best shooter in NBA history, and his handle forces lazy writers to cram adjectives into run-on sentences that will never taste a drop of Hippocrene’s waters.

While Steph has the singular ability to transform your Twitter timeline into a series of jubilant onomatopoeias (watch basketball; stop tweeting), he’s still got a glaring hole in his game.

Namely, an airborne act that’s more Davidson than NBA Champion. Steph can dunk, but when it’s happening in the middle of a game, it doesn’t have the same joue de vivre as his 30-footers. Last night’s dunk during Golden State’s dominant third quarter against the visiting Suns is a prime example. Klay — when he wasn’t lighting the arena on fire with 27 points in one quarter — zip-lined a pass to streaking Steph for the breakaway slam. Except, it almost rimmed out.

Steph starred at his hand as if in confusion.

It’s the same look we all get when that same right hand is going marching past opponents like General Sherman.

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