Steph Curry Doesn’t Care About Finals MVP Except For This One Thing

06.09.16 3 years ago

Steph Curry hasn’t played that well in this year’s NBA Finals. Until Wednesday night’s Game 3 shellacking in Cleveland, his team hasn’t needed him to.

After surviving the fight of their life against the Oklahoma City Thunder, his Warriors looked unworried and dominant against the Cavaliers in Games 1 and 2, able to rest Curry and Klay Thompson in the fourth quarter. Shaun Livingston, Draymond Green, and others had the opportunity to shine. Steph had the opportunity to chill.

Now, they need him to explode. Cleveland won by 30 points in Game 3, and Steph all but no-showed in the game, turning the ball over six times and scoring most of his 19 points when the game was already out of hand. Golden State now needs him to play well enough to win his first Finals MVP award.

Curry claims he doesn’t care too much about that, though. “As long as it’s somebody from our team,” he said during a recent scrum, “means we won. That’s all I care about.”

Last year, it was Andre Iguodala who took the trophy for his team in the Finals. This year, who knows? But the Warriors will be looking Curry’s way to get back behind the wheel of this series.

(Ethan Sherwood Strauss)

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