Watch Steph Curry Go Five Straight Minutes Without Missing A Three In Practice

Things could be going better for the Golden State Warriors right now. The team is 0-2 on the year, and while that record on its own isn’t horrible, the team got run off the floor by both the Brooklyn Nets and the Milwaukee Bucks. That’s not exactly the easiest schedule to start the year, but for a franchise with championship expectations, this is not the loss that anyone would want in the Bay.

Most everyone is playing poorly, including Steph Curry, who has struggled to find his torrid scoring form to start the year after missing essentially the last year due to a wrist injury and the COVID-19 pandemic prematurely ending the Dubs’ season — Curry is averaging 19.5 points per game while connecting on 34.2 percent of his attempts from the field and 20 percent of his triples.

The good news for Golden State, though, is that Curry is still the greatest shooter to ever live, something he reminded everyone in a video posted to the Warriors’ official Twitter account. Curry made 135 straight threes, a mark that is wild even though it did happen in practice.

It’s hard not to be hypnotized by this, and it is quite impressive, although one of the other elite shooters in the Warriors’ organization disagrees.

Listen, you don’t win three titles in four years and make it to five straight Finals by having flexible standards.