Steph Curry Had These Campers In Hysterics When He Surprised Them With A Promise Of Cookies

Even though the Warriors’ defeat at the hands of the Cleveland Cavaliers left a sour taste in Steph Curry’s mouth, his successful recruitment of Kevin Durant in free agency must have brightened his mood just as much as it leveled the rest of the NBA. You know what else must have brightened his mood? Getting to blow the minds of some basketball campers simply by showing up at their doors.

The first kid who Steph surprises has an impressive command of the moment. He notices the cameras, notices Steph, and then puts on a mock stage-faint for the ages. He draws a big laugh from Curry, thus making his life forever. The girls who Steph surprises next had a far more natural reaction, which is to say that they lost their sh*t, jumping up and down and screaming everywhere before settling into simple wide-eyed staring that kind of unsettled Curry. Hey, at least they were wearing the right jerseys at the time.

After the initial introductions, we can only assume Steph assembled all the campers in the gym to perform the storied tradition of NBA stars at basketball camps — ritualistic humiliations on the court.