A New Book Shines Light On Steph Curry’s ‘Golden’ Rise To Stardom

04.18.17 1 year ago

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Stephen Curry wasn’t always a two-time MVP and the biggest star of a team that might be on the way to its third NBA Finals appearance in three years. And even though the Cliffs Notes of his rise are well known by this point, as with any superstar, there’s more to the story.

The son of an NBA sharpshooting father and a former college volleyball playing mother who was under-recruited and starred at a college only a couple dozen miles from where he grew up, Curry made Davidson a Cinderella, then was overlooked and fell to the seventh pick and Golden State in 2009. After overcoming injuries early on in his career, Curry rocketed up the shooting record books, and helped make the Warriors into the budding dynasty they are today.

But now Marcus Thompson, columnist from the Bay Area News Group, has taken Curry’s story even further. A columnist who was around the team since before Curry was even in the Bay, Thompson discusses deeper levels of the MVP’s character in his new book Golden.

“He’s known as a nice guy and that’s what everyone knows him by,” Thompson told DIME. “But he’s got that killer drive like Kobe [Bryant] and Michael [Jordan]. It was just very interesting to see so many people talk about it that are close to him. Like, people don’t really understand, Steph is a monster. I think Steve Kerr put it to me best, he said ‘he’s humble off-the-court and arrogant on it.’”

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