This Father-Son Duo Literally Went Fishing To Get Steph Curry’s Autograph

Steph Curry is one of the most creative players on the court with the ball in his hands, so it only makes sense you’d have to be similarly as creative to get his autograph.

Enter the father and son pair from Philadelphia, who waited outside the Wells Fargo Center Friday night before the Warriors had their shootaround to prep for their game against the 76ers Saturday night. Dangling a folded jersey and a Sports Illustrated (with Steph gracing the cover, natch) on clipboards, the two managed to get the star point guard to sign each before pulling them back up and taking them home.

Even better, it looks like Steph found their fishing expedition funny enough to take a little shot of their “lines” as they were pulling them back. Quite frankly, it’s amazing how well the guy takes all the attention he’s received over the past two years. He’s always friendly, gregarious and just continually appears grateful for all of the appreciation. This won’t be the first road game this season he’s got some fans in the audience, that’s for sure.

As for the anglers themselves, we’re betting this was the best catch they’ve ever gotten no matter how many father-son fishing excursions they might have taken. It’s easy to catch a fish, but as Kawhi Leonard found out this week, it’s much harder to catch a Steph Curry.