Steph Curry Was Serenaded By A Bunch Of Children Singing ‘Happy Birthday’

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Steph Curry turned 29 on Tuesday. He seems like he should be older, right? He’s been a household name among basketball fans since he was a teenager, and the last decade has featured Curry hoisting up jumpers for both Davidson and the Warriors.

Anyway, plenty of people decided that they were going to show Curry some love on his special day. For example, the Warriors gave him a fun cake that pays tribute both to Curry and to Pi Day.

But the best way to celebrate the day came while Curry was warming up before Golden State’s game against Philadelphia. Curry was shooting jumpers in front of a bunch of children, and once they realized that it was his birthday, they all broke out in a rendition of “Happy Birthday.” Well, they didn’t sing the entire song, but they tried their hardest to get the singalong going.

Curry managed to tune everything out while he was shooting around, so maybe he’s one of those people who doesn’t like celebrating his birthday. As long as the Warriors win, he probably won’t care either way, but still, show the kids some love and hook them all up with t-shirts or fist bumps or something, Steph.