Usher Sat Courtside During Warriors-Rockets And Got Ran Over By Steph Curry

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The Golden State Warriors handled business against a shorthanded Houston Rockets team on Thursday night, with Stephen Curry leading the way in a game where the Dubs eventually pulled away from the Chris Paul-led Rockets in Houston.

It was a close game that probably won’t mean much in determining which is the better team overall, as the Rockets were without superstar James Harden. But one fun moment came when Curry’s defense got him up close and personal with Usher sitting courtside.

Curry collided with the musician in Houston after trying to chase down a loose rebound. He tried to fight off Houston’s Trevor Ariza for the ball, but instead he collided with the guard and ended up right in Usher’s lap.

The incident happened in the third quarter while the game was still close. And it’s good that Curry feels healthy enough to go 100 percent for dangerous rebounds like this. But you have to feel for poor Usher, who was just trying to take in a game and instead had to take in a lot of Curry.

At first the broadcast wasn’t sure if it was Usher, but once they figured it out they had a fun line while Curry tried to untangle himself from Usher.

“You know how much money is tied up in those two guys,” They said. “That’s $35 million with Steph!”

It was an expensive puzzle for a bit there, but luckily everyone seems to be just fine.