Steph Curry Got With Kevin Durant To Settle That Under Armour Vs. Nike Locker Room Rift

09.11.17 2 years ago

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On the path to building a dynasty, many circumstances can derail a team’s potential to be an all-time powerhouse. Take a look at the Miami Heat earlier in the decade, when health along with salary cap issues and father time waylaid what LeBron James once boasted would win, “Not one, not two, not three.”

So when Kevin Durant went on The Ringer Podcast with Bill Simmons and said that no one wanted to play in Under Armor shoes, some took it as a shot across the bow at Stephen Curry, a teammate of Durant’s, who also is the face of the Under Armor brand. Others thought that the statement might end up being a potential roadblock in forming the most dominant NBA dynasty that many have ever seen in their lifetime.

However, two-time MVP Stephen Curry told the Charlotte Observer that recently both he and Durant sat down and talked it out.

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