This Kid Locked Steph Curry Up Better Than Kevin Love Did At The End Of Game 7

09.06.16 2 years ago 3 Comments

Steph Curry is touring Asia for Under Armour right now, and while that business trip has mostly been defined by Curry’s soundbites about his health, Kevin Durant and the Warriors, he also took some time to shoot some hoops. As it turns out, he might still need some time to get healthy, because he just got his weak stuff thrown out of there by a 17-year-old from the Philippines.

Gian Mamuyac attends Ateneo High School, which is a basketball academy so legendary in the Philippines that it’s more popular than many pro teams, and he also stood out for the Filipino U-18 national team in this summer’s Southeast Asian Basketball Association Tournament. He’s no schmo off the street, is what we’re saying. Still, he’s a skinny teenager under 6 feet tall, and Curry hit him with the crossover before going up with the shot. Mamuyac guessed early like a goalie on a penalty kick, and he nailed it completely.

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