Steph Curry Will Be Out At Least Two Weeks With A Sprained MCL

When Steph Curry slipped on a wet spot in Game 4 of the Warriors’ first round series against the Houston Rockets, everyone had a feeling it would be more serious than the ankle injury that had kept him out of Game 3. Now, the word has officially come down, and it’s not the end of the world, but it isn’t good either.

So the headlines will have to read “at least two weeks,” but the Warriors always take the long view when it comes to the MVP’s health, and it’s uncertain if they’ll clear him straight away after that period. He’ll likely miss a few more days to rehab at least.

There’s still little doubt that the Warriors will advance past the Rockets, considering the whupping they laid down in Steph’s absence in the second half of Game 4. The question becomes this: Would it be preferable for the series to go longer, so that when the opponents get tougher, Curry’s closer to a return? Their likely opponent in round two is the Clippers, who are positively desperate to make it to the Conference Finals. They’re a virtual lock to play a Steph-less Dubs squad for at least a couple of games, and you better believe Chris Paul will do everything in his power to take advantage.

The Warriors have had injuries this season to major contributors, but nothing was enough to slow them down, and they made it through last year’s postseason remarkably healthy. ESPN’s Zach Lowe has pounded the drum that the Warriors are a losing team when Curry is off the court, and the Clippers can beat losing teams. It’s too early to shovel dirt on these Warriors, but the crack that every other team in the NBA was waiting for might have finally happened.