Steph Curry Hit A Jumper After Falling To His Knees And Somehow Keeping His Dribble Alive

Associate Editor

This is not fair, Steph Curry. Golden State’s star guard’s latest ridiculous highlight came when he hit a jumper from inside the arc. It was a normal jumper. There was nothing special about it, other than maybe the fact that it looked really pure once it went through the net.

What was special was the fact that Curry fell to his dang knees on the possession after going behind the back to free himself from Dennis Schröder. Because his handle is among the best on earth, Curry kept dribbling so that he was allowed to stand up and continue to play. In one fluid motion, he got to his feet, pulled up, and canned a jumper. It was crazy, both because this is really hard to do and because he had the presence of mind to keep dribbling even though he fell to his knees.

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