Steph Curry Asked Kobe Bryant For Advice On Dealing With His Finger Injury

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Many of the Golden State Warriors have and small injuries this season that have kept them out of games. A contusion here. A sprain there. Occasionally, this has caused its stars to miss a game or two. It’s part and parcel to the NBA’s new rest policy that little things will pop up on the injury report because injuries are inevitable in a long season, and they must now be justified in order to satisfy the television gods.

But it appears that Steph Curry‘s hand contusion is very real, and seems to actually be impacting his play. Curry is dealing with a nagging injury, but he’s trying to play through it. Curry’s finger contusion is on the ring finger of his shooting hand, which caused him to use his left quite a bit, and he’s seeking out advice about how to deal with it.

Ramona Shelbourne reported after the game that Curry said he’s spoken with Kobe Bryant to get advice on how to manage the pain of the injury and try to play through it without it impacting his shot too much.


Curry spoke with reporters after the game against the Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday and described the pain a bit more.

“It hurts,” Curry said. “But guys have played through worse. If I could go out there and try not to think about it, I was gonna do that. Obviously with you sooting hand, it’s one of those things you got to get adjusted to. I’m not used to playing with tape, a brace, wrist wrap, all that stuff. But I’ll get better with it.”

It sounds like it’s something that isn’t going to keep him out of any more games for now, but if he’s asking around for help, it’s certainly a bit of a concern for the former two-time MVP.