Steph Curry And Kyrie Irving Mocked LeBron James’ Workout Dance At Harrison Barnes’ Wedding

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Harrison Barnes got married on Saturday night and, as is often the case when NBA get married, the wedding was a star-studded affair. Among those in attendance were a number of his former Warriors teammates, including Steph Curry, and the most talked about man in the NBA right now, Kyrie Irving.

Irving might not be taking phone calls from the Cavaliers right now after his trade request, but he’s enjoying his summer and going about his life as normal, despite the fact that he’s become the biggest late July news story we’ve seen in the NBA in a decade. There’s a perceived beef going on between Irving and LeBron James, which James was quick to shoot down on Twitter, but there’s evidence to believe that Kyrie might be taking some subtle shots at the King.

The latest, and most overt crack at LeBron, came from the wedding when Steph Curry seemed to mock James’ now famous dance in the gym from earlier this summer that sparked the short-lived #LeBronJamesChallenge. Right there next to Curry, egging him on as he danced, was none other than Kyrie.

Brendan Haywood posted the video to Instagram and he certainly believes it was a shot fired at James from Curry and Irving. It’s hard not to see it that way, although it might just be all in good fun, but with the current tension in Cleveland over Irving’s request to be dealt, the timing is at least curious.

If Cavs fans weren’t already upset about Irving’s trade request, him dancing with Steph and other Warriors at a wedding won’t help his popularity in Cleveland, even if they’re all friends off the court.