Steph Curry Gets Scored On By A 7-Year-Old Kid And Other Great Moments From His Philippines Trip

There might not be any progenitors to Stephen Curry. He’s achieved the ultimate success in his profession — an MVP and an NBA title — without losing the inherent joy he feels when playing the game. That was pretty evident as footage from his tour stop in the Philippines surfaced from over the weekend. We all saw him throw down a pretty reverse, but what about when he matched up against a little tyke for a game of one-on-one in front of the gathered masses?

We were expecting some Kevin Durant treatment. But instead of rejecting the little kid, who got multiple attempts, Curry let him keep hoisting it up until he scored.


The little guy in question, Dominic Tuason, has bragging rights for a while now.

“It’s good. It feels good,” Tuason told ABS-CBN.

Curry was impressed, too, humbly announcing Tuason’s precocity as a ball handler.

“He’s on his way. Seven years old. I can’t do that at 7.”

But Curry is a pretty good ball handler, too, and one defender found out just how fast his change of pace can be in the open floor.

Plus, those handles, man. Tuason has a lot to live up to now.

But Steph isn’t all dunks and dribbles. He’s got some pretty crazy court vision, as he also showed off on his Philippines adventure.

Except, what does Steph do better than anyone else in NBA history? He lights it up from outside. On that front, Curry didn’t disappoint in the Philippines, either.

But Curry did fall down and turn the ball over at one point. He’s not infallible, despite his game bordering on the supernatural.

Whatever. It’s all good. Curry seems to have had a blast in the Philippines, which is all that matters.


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