Steph Curry Hilariously Missed A Breakaway Dunk And Blamed It On Thanksgiving

11.26.16 2 years ago

No one has ever considered Steph Curry a thunderous dunker, but we’ve seen him throw down before, so we know he’s capable of getting the job done. He had the opportunity to add to his dunking resume on Friday against the Lakers, as he got the ball in transition and had no one between himself and the rim.

Sometimes when Curry’s in these situations, he’ll just pull up from three. Instead, he decided to try and dunk, and he blew it like it was a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals.

It actually looks like Curry cost himself two points by grabbing onto the rim. The ball appears to slip out of his hand, and it looks like it would probably go in if he just attempted a layup instead of trying to dunk. However, Curry made contact with the rim, causing the ball to rattle around and eventually pop out.

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