Steph Curry Fooled The Entire Pelicans Defense To Get Draymond Green A Wide Open Three

Steph Curry is probably the hardest player to guard in the NBA. He can splash a three from just about anywhere up to the timeline, he can dribble right around the best, most staunch defenders in the world, and finish amongst the trees with a dazzling array of layups and floaters. Basically, he’s not fair. And what happens when you do the impossible and corral him into a bad spot, taming the beast that is the Warriors offense?

Well, he might just throw a blind, no-look, over-the-head, pinpoint pass to a teammate for a wide open three. That’s what happens.

Steph did just that against the Pelicans on Tuesday night, giving Draymond Green a wide open three in the process, which he of course drained. The Pellies did everything right, Jrue Holiday ran Curry off the three-point line, Tim Frazier picked Steph up on the drive and Anthony Davis met him before he could get to the rim.

It was a fool-proof plan and though Steph looked like he might side-step Davis and attempt a contested shot at the rim over the massive big man with the wingspan of a pterodactyl, he thought better of it, and went with some good old telepathy instead. That’s really the only way to explain this absurd pass.