Steph Curry Finally Addresses At Least One Component Of North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law

With the Golden State Warriors’ margin of error for hitting 73 wins now razor-thin after a shocking home loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves, they can’t afford to lose focus if they want that record (or to return to the NBA Finals). Yet Steph Curry’s home state of North Carolina has blown up the news for all the wrong reasons, and as one of the most famous athletes in the country, he is going to be asked about any news story remotely related to him.

So there he was, preparing for a game the Warriors should have won, but ultimately lost, talking politics.

“I knew I would be asked about my views on the situation in North Carolina and potential ramifications on next year’s All-Star Game in Charlotte, which I hope can be resolved,” Curry said. “While I don’t know enough about the North Carolina law to comment more fully, no one should be discriminated against.”

That’s pretty much the only thing Steph can say in that situation without incurring massive backlash, and even so, you can imagine plenty of people who would be disappointed he didn’t say enough to condemn the law or come down on one side of the All-Star debate. It’s a fraught political issue, well outside of Steph’s expertise, so no one should fault him for taking a cue from LeBron James and pleading ignorance on a specific topic.

The bleeding heart in us wishes that more athletes used their platform to advocate for social change, but there are enough people paid to talk about politics (and run for President!) who don’t know what they’re talking about. Now that he’s weighed in, let’s go back to pestering him about 73 wins.

(Via San Jose Mercury-News)